Dreams Do Come True

The most beautiful sea of clouds I saw in my entire existence - on our way home from our honeymoon.
I just realized that I haven’t officially welcome 2015 on my blog. It also took 3 months before I was able to post something here. I’ve been gone for a while.

I may not be able to travel much last year but there are a lot of changes in my life. I can say the best turn around year for me.

Hal and I attending the Kerygma Conference
 I set priorities. We focused the first few months saving for our big day. We only had few out of town nearby just to relax a bit. Other than that, no other major travels for me. I even wasn't able to blog some of it because we’re busy.

Our photobooth setup at Fig Tree Cafe
I plan and execute. We finally started our own business. Aside from the wedding plans, we were able to open our Partyneeds and Photobooth business. It was hard but it was fun. We struggled but we succeed. It was a great feeling satisfying your customers and doing what we love. I love decorating already but I then I also realized that I also love editing and doing layouts. I am mostly in charge of it. One thing that makes it easier is because we work on it together.

Yes It's was AWESOME! Love you hal!

I become the hands on bride. Getting married on a budget can be exhausting. If only you have all the money to spend. Anyway, I’d rather travel around the world than to splurge on a one day event. Haha! But then, you also don’t want to miss the idea that it’s a one time deal. It’s not everyday that you’ll walk down the altar and say I do and finally be with the man you love. So then the budgeting comes in, I can say that as long as you know where to put your money, having a decent wedding without spending much is such an achievement.

Sansa is already too much comfortable in her new home and her daddy.
The joy of starting the new chapter of our life together. We moved in to our new (renovated) house. It’s a bonus for me that we moved in just a door away from my parent’s house. Literally its just 3 cartwheels and I am on their doorstep. As soon as I heard that our tenant will be moving out, we ask our parents that we will be the one to occupy it. Though we doubled our expense (paying the house we’ve bought and renovating the existing), it's still better to live near your parents so you can always check with them all the time. We used most of the monetary gifts in repainting, tiling the floor , adding a division, extending the gate and buying the basic home essentials.

And so that ends my 2014, and will continue my 2015 in a goal for more success.
I am a Happy Wife now :)
Yes, dreams do come true.


Photo Cache said...

Cute cat - from a fellow catmom.

Bhie - said...

hi Dys , inabang abangan ang post mo reg sa wedding , late ng naka visit :)
sobra " B E S T WISHES !!!! to both of you ! Super happy ako makita kayo in wedding attire :) Congratulations !!!! muaaaahhhhh

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