Mt. Pico De Loro (A Day Hike Adventure)

A pleasant welcome for a tired soul

I had a chance to hike again with Juxtapoz Mountaineer, this time it’s a day hike in Pico De Loro. For a non-professional climber like me, this is a perfect preparation for a major hike. (Still trying to be physically fit for my dream mountain :p)

I tag hal along ensuring that he is already ready after recovering (he was sick for several days and was not allowed to get out)

We met at 4am in Baclaran. As soon as everybody arrived, we headed to Naic Cavite. From Naic terminal we contacted a jeepney to bring us to DENR. The Juxtapoz group took in charge of this. We registered for 20php.

Then just few walks away is the jump off point. We prayed and had our group shot. Then we are ready to go.

Since it’s a protected area by DENR, there are lots of trees along the trail. Good thing as it helps to cool us down a bit. Kamusta nalang diba kung walang puno, grabe ang init ng summer. Here are some shots while on trail.

Then we are on Base Camp 1, we rested for a while and fill our water bottles up. Another 20php registration here.

Then we are on the 2nd part of the trail, steeper, with big rocks and roots to hold on and to cross over. We were getting tired already but all are determined to reach the summit. By the way, it’s good to hike with music on, nakakawala ng pagod. :)

Reaching the summit campsite amazed me because of the big bamboo trees creating an arc like effect welcoming tired hikers to the summit. Nagkaroon na ako ng pag-asang mag pahinga ng bongga after seeing some tents nearby.

The overlooking view; ang ganda kahit mainit mag picture go parin. The summer season gives brownish look of the grassland. Or should I say, brown na nga siya sa init ng araw.

We had our lunch and rested for a while before we continue to the summit.

Ang sosyal na bangaw

It’s challenging on our way up, only the grasses are your support going up. Yes, it’s challenging and would really require you to get a hiking gear for a good grip. (I’ll invest for good shoes next time)

Reaching the summit is an overwhelming experience. Sun was unforgiving that time so we just waited for some who climb the Parrot's Beak. The heat was tiring us down so we just waited.

On their way up

Hanggang tanaw nalang kami

At gumaganon pa ha

How much did I spent on this trip:

Thanks to Roseann for tagging us once again to this hike. Super good experience plus new friends. Nagulat kami dahil umabot kami ng 8 girls and 8 boys dahil may mga kanya kanyang bitbit na joiners. Ansaya diba?!

Next time; I'll climb the Parrot's Beak and will say hi to you again.

"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you." — Will Rose.


Batang Lakwatsero said...

astig. buti ka pa nakaakyat na sa Pico de Loro. inggit ako :)

Donnie Ray said...

ang gala mo talaga teh.. wala ko masabi.. ikaw na! ^_^

anney said...

Ganda ng mga pictures! I love the view! Ang taas ng parrot beak! Pero mukha ka na ding nakaakyat dun sa isang picture yung angulo parang ang lapit mo lang kayang kaya abutin. hehe!

iamjessiegarcia said...

mas mabilis ang post mo this time ha... until our next hike. nagpplano ata sila ng anawangin hike. hope makasabit ulet tayo ^^

Untied Escape said...

@ Batang Lakwatsero - For sure one of this days may post ka na din about dyan.. kaw pa!

@ Donnie - Mas gala kayo ni Chyng! hehehe :p

@ Anney - Haha buwis buhay kasi lalo na sa akin kasi di ako physically ready pag akyat namin dyan.. hehe! next time mag hahanda na ako... :)

@ Jessie - Haha uu natuwa ako at ayos na yung internet sa bahay, hmmnn, bet ko yang Anawangin kasi with hike na...

Mitch said...

eeeeh! Ganda naman ng Parrot Peak. Kala ko hindi totoo kasi sabi ko panu sila umakyat dun. Hala, duwag lang! hehe.. Super worth it ang pagakyat siguro. The best feeling when on your TOP!

Hoobert the Awesome said...

Nakakatakot umakyat dun sa Parrot`s Peak. Delikado ba? In fairness, ang ganda sa taas.

Untied Escape said...

@ Mitch - Hehe, galing nga nila eh, sana next time ma achieve ko na din yan..haha!

@ Hoobert - Naku eh sana nga na akyat ko din pero dun lang ako sa summit. Mejo madulas pa-akyat pg hindi hiking shoes yung suot.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

salamat sa pag share sa mga pictures...adventure talaga ang ginawa niyo....ang pagbaba ang mahirap yata,hehe...

SunnyToast said...

This one of my dream:) wish makaya ko mag hike:) thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and experience;)


"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you." — Will Rose. a quote i always instill in my mind :)

and yay gusto ko din jan sa parrots beak. I wonder how hirap pumunta jan. is it really an extreme rock wall climbing? :S scared! but looks exciting! love your blog! <3

Gladys | said...

great photos! how i wish i can still climb, LOL. maybe the short treks will do :)

Untied Escape said...

@ Arvin - Salamat din sa pag tambay saglit sa blog ko.. uu mahirap pag baba pero mas mabilis na dahil lahat gusto na magpahinga... Hehe!

@ Sunny - Kaya mo yan, I just jog 2 days before the hike, pwede na yun for a minor climb. :) Thanks for the visit.

@ Shugah - Thanks!, sama ka samin if you feel like trying to hike.

@ Gladys - Thanks! I guess kaya mo to, join ka rin pag may minor climb. :)

ken | said...

Pico is one on my mountain list
pero pag aakyat na ako dito.. laging kinacancel o cancelled.
haven't climb in any cavite's mountains..
lagi aborted.

("baka jan na ako mamatay" - joke ko sa mga friend ko)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

I miss climbinggg! Sana tomorrow maka-hike kami in Baguio. Haven't done Pico either :( But will surely do someday.

Untied Escape said...

@ Ken - Maybe soon maakyat mo din yan, grabe naman sa 'mamatay' madami pa tayong aakyating bundok...hehehe!

@ Gay - Sarap nga sa feeling mag hike kahit nakakapagod. For sure makakapag Pico ka din someday :)

promding chamimay said...

been there!!! :-)some 4years ago i think hehehe haven't blogged abt it because of my big move back to zamboanga... gotta dig up i guess hehehe

ooohh this post made me miss my carefree days when i was still working in manila... :-)

btw my blogwalking brought me to you site... really uulitin ko this blog makes me miss my gala days (although gumagala pa rin ako now hehe).... am a new follower!!! hope you could follow me back? and link me up too? :D hehehe asking for too much ey... thanks!!!

Theonoski said...

don't we just love pico de loro mountain? cool pics and adventure! keep it up.

Untied Escape said...

@ Chamimay - thanks for dropping by; followed you back! You've got a cool site! Nice pics! bloglist updated.. :D
@ Theonski - Thanks! Yah, Amazing view.. Thanks for dropping by! I followed you btw...

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