APO REEF: Exploring the Mangrove and Lighthouse (Day 2)

We started our Day 2 by exploring the Mangrove, another new adventure for me. Don’t forget to put insect repellent again for protection. We walked to the bamboo bridge na medyo effort dahil sa takot mahulog. May maliliit na crab na lumalabas at nagtatago pag malapit na kami. Mangrove trees were everywhere.

At ako na ang nangunguna sa paglalakad

Thanks Jay for this shot

We were in a pictorial mode while waiting for our guide to get the balsa for us to cross the swamp. We also had a good view of the light house.

At dumating na ang second batch na pictorial mode rin.

As soon as everybody was there; we continued crossing the bamboo bridge that headed us back to the shore, then the rain comes in. Pa suspense pa pero bumuhos na din ng malakas, good thing we are near the lighthouse already and gave us some shade.

Then I realized wala pla akong shot ng lighthouse na buo; na excite agad seeing the view on top. I really appreciate the place more after seeing a 360 degrees view.

After the lighthouse, we packed up and get ready on going back to Sablayan. Gusto na naming maligo. We also visited Pandan Island and had our decent lunch at last. We also had some free time for snorkelling on the island.

Because of its accessibility, there were more people in Pandan not like APO Reef. We also went to the right part of the island na dadapa ka lang sa shore may mga corals na, water is just waist deep. Here are some shots while just standing on the shore and pointing my underwater camera down for a good view.

Spot the little fishy

Ken with the blue starfish (don’t worry we put it back immediately)

After exploring Pandan Island, we went to Sablayan to find place to stay. Everybody was wishing to get a good bath and rest. Our feet brought us to Emily hotel which is just near the market place. Since it’s the closest to where we are, we agreed to checked-in. How much? It’s 150 per pax for a fan room. Not bad at all. What we like about it is they cook good food also, paluto ka lang if feel mo mamalengke ng gusto mong kainin. Or you can request and they will go to the market immediately to buy it for you. The place is just right for the price. It’s clean and they are very accommodating.

Sablayan’s hanging bridge before the sunset.

Nag bonding session muna kami that night before matulog. That was the time I really felt so glad I joined this trip. Less expenses since you are in a group, different people with different views but new experience and new friends.

A friend asked me this when I told her about the trip. “May ganun, ganun palang lakad noh, talagang hindi kayo magkakakilala?” I smiled and said yes, and that makes the trip more fun and exciting.
No plans yet on the next day but sinipag kaming maglakad sa initan.

Abangan ang last day of exploring Sablayan before we go home.

Day 1:Exploring Underwater and Nature Park


wander shugah said...

wow! the lighthouse! ang ganda lng. and you look like you had a lot of fun! Take care! more adventures soon! <3

anney said...

Diba malalim ang tubig habang tumatawid sa balsa? Wala kasi kayong life jacket. Takot kasi ako mahulog pag ganyan at di marunong lumangoy. hihihi!

Untied Escape said...

@ Shugah - Thanks much!

@ Anney - Hindi naman daw pero puro mud sa ilalim, actually takot din ako nun kasi styro' lang na pinagdikit dikit. :p

blissfulguro said...

parang super bet ko yung balsa ride!

and i can only imagine ang kaba everytime mag tilt ang balsa hindi dahil sa baka mahulog kayo pero para sa mga gadgets ninyo..hihi

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