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My mind was all over the place that day thinking on what to do that coming weekend. With no plans yet, I read my wish list and try to see if there’s something I can achieve to do. While doing my usual audit at work (and thinking something else) I am browsing for anything worth doing such as joining in an outreach or trying to organize my own. Torn with the idea of organizing as it needs more than a week to fully organize or at least create a team to help me. I focus on my search instead and was directed to this link.

Real life is a Christian non-profit NGO who are passionate to help young Filipinos by giving scholarships and moulding youngsters for their better future.

I send them an e-mail immediately after browsing their site and checking some of the fellow bloggers who joined their feeding program. I invited my friends and luckily Jess and Kate was all heartedly happy and excited to join me.

A response from Rhea, confirming that we can join that Saturday on their feeding program in Pasig was the gun start for us three.

By the way all photo credits to Kate. Thanks for letting me use your pics for this blog post. (Ayan, tinamad na naman kasi akong mag picture picture dahil hindi ko kayang mag multitask with the kids and all the picture picture session)

For the shirt, we paid 250, donations na rin for the food that's why volunteers are required for it. If you have your shirt already, no need for that, it's all up to you :)

Ang mga makukulit na bata outside

The kids are just residing nearby, most of the kids are not first timers so they know the routine. Fall in line upon entering the hall, wash their hands, then they can play and roam around. Next is the game and storytelling part.

And yes, they play hardcore

And after the story telling part, they need to fall in line to eat.

Yes it was fun and tiring, the kids are all of different kinds, may gusto na magpabuhat palagi, may nang aaway, may makulit at pasaway, may matabil at kung ano ano pa. It’s all because they are raised differently by their families and has their own needs na minsan nakukuha lang nila ang care and attention here at the foundation.

The goal is for them to learn on how to follow rules, share, respect, learn how to win and how to lose, how to listen and learn from it and how to socialize to other people that they will remember sa paglaki nila.

Those who are in a bigger group is in charge on preparing a game and a story for the kids. Usually they need to reserve months in advance since maraming volunteers. For less than 5 groups like us, if there's a slot for more volunteers, we can fill in. Maximum of 20 volunteers per session and the kids can be as many as 120 kids that are divided into 2 groups.

Our fellow volunteers

Yes, the kids needs to remember these

And for us; I really learn a lot from the activity. Especially realizing that we are fortunate enough and that these small little things that we could do could change the way the kids view and could change their future. They may be exposed to hard shifts of life but in their small little minds, they also want to live well by knowing God more and creating their future together with God’s guidance.

A great experience that I will not forget, we will go back and continue to help. Or, to dream big, why not we do more than this.

Sorry naman for my over outdated post,event was held Jan-last week.


Untied Escape said...

May mga ganitong experience din ba kayo? or maybe invite us on your group. :p

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

you have a nice tshirt....

melvin said...

I'd love to do something like this pero mas gusto ko sa mga ruraL areas.marami kasi mga anak ng farmers na wala halos makain which is ironic kasi farmers sila at wala masyado nakakadalaw sa kanila.kung may ganun na outreach program sa probinsya gusto ko sumali

Untied Escape said...

@ Arvin - Thanks!
@ Melvin - Tama ka, Sama ako dyan :)

Mitch said...

We do also have in church..we have kids to feed some time, teach them words of God, play with them and etc. When you're with the kids, you feel young all over again diba :)

The Soul Explorer said...

Wow! Congrats for doing this kind of activities! surely, the kids really enjoy! :)

Mitch said...

Rattle ako sa lumalabas na link sa blog ko dito ah..hehe, anu ung DSC_0989?

Untied Escape said...

Aw bkit anong nangyayari? nag worry nmn daw ako..

anney said...

Such a wonderful foundation! I'm sure yung mga kids sobrang tuwang tuwa at nag enjoy at dahil yun sa tulong nyong mababait na volunteers!

ThePinayWanderer said...

Such an inspiring endeavor! I'm with Melvin though, parang mas ok outreach program sa province. :)

blog hopping, found your blog through Anney. :)

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Heartwarming activity! I miss volunteering!

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