Majestic Mt. Pinatubo (A Day Trek Challenge)

Finally, my own Mt. Pinatubo wallpaper!

My must see place and one check from my wish list; It’s my wallpaper for quite a while until I finally able to see the majestic Mt. Pinatubo. Yes, it’s a dream come true for me. We are thinking of getting a package tour or DIY trip until we saw a Trekpros tour posted in Ensogo for 999php, this include 4x4 arrangements and the guide. Pwede na diba to save planning and organizing part of the trip!

From two persons up to eight; hal and my girlfriends headed to Tarlac to start our day trip challenge.

We opted not to join the arranged shuttle service of Trekpos to save a little penny, (in which we realized that there’s not much difference). From Victory Liner in Cubao, we left at 4:30am and headed to Capas, Tarlac.

From Capas, we took a tricycle ride going to Sta. Juliana (300php per trike) where Trekpros team guided us to our 4x4 and immediately headed to our dusty ride.

Also includes crossing the river. As per our guide, nobody can go to the crater during rainy season.

The trek begins after the 4x4 ride, sabi ni kuya tourguide, may mas shorter trail pero sarado dahil sa pagguho ng daan. In short, let's take the more challenging trail.

Bons, Rose and Jhoy. Wala ung ibang nahiwalay sa 4x4

It’s quite a long bumpy ride but the view are amazing. I asked kuya, hindi ba gumuguho to kuya? Kuya said, Gumuguho din po mam lalo na pag tag ulan.

The ladies from the other 4x4 ride.

Jenjie, ikaw na ang hindi prepared pero kumpleto. Thank you sponsor! :p

Jess, Mainggit ang dapat mainggit! Rock on girl!

Cleah, special feature ka na naman dito :p

And so we continue...

Sabi ni kuya, malapit na daw pag wala nang sapa sa daan. And yes it’s true, we are now near to glimpse the crater, pero konting tiis pa.

Finally… Literally nawala ang pagod ko. I even forgot to put my backpack down before taking pictures. Initial reaction, ganung ganun sa picture, kung ano ung nasa wallpaper ko.

Would you imagine that this beautiful Mt. Pinatubo killed many people from his last eruption back in 1991? Paki google nalang for more details. :p

You can rent a boat to get to the other side of the lake

Finally first group shot.

It’s really God’s gift that after the eruption, he was able to show how wonderful the Mt. Pinatubo can be. We brought our own lunch and share it to our guide.

We also had to take a dip to the water of the crater, pwede nmn pla maligo. This was after the water temperature changes. Akala namin mainit, ang lamig pla. It’s hotter on the other side of the crater as per our guide but that’s on the bottom part of the lake.

It was past 2pm when we are advised to pack and start the trail back. Mejo bitin but it’s the recommended time to avoid getting caught in the dark while on trek and on 4x4 ride.

We also saw a group of young Aetas in the area going back. We share some of our food to them.

An unforgettable trip and place to visit here in the Philippines, Mt. Pinatubo is indeed a remarkable place. Once destructive and was hate but now showing its superb beauty and wishing to remain like that for the rest of time.


Batang Lakwatsero said...

very nostalgic.. parang recently lang kami nanggaling dito. hehe

Photo Cache said...

thanks for visiting my blog (worth a thousand words) i really appreciate it, i welcome new readers :)

this is one of the things i would love to do someday too. glad to know there are tours to sign up for.

The Shades of Grey | Elal said...

kainggit. pupuntahan ko talaga to soon! :)

Chyng said...

same realization, how can something this majestic can also kill lives. galing talaga. still my fave spot!

i like your arm band! cute!

Untied Escape said...

@ Ivan - Nakita ko nga, sana nagkasabay noh tas nagkita tayo. haha!

@ Worth a Thousand Words - Thanks for the comment, I love good photos.

@ Elal - Yeah you must! Sulit!

@ Chyng - Naku simula nung tinanong kita kung ano yung fave spot mo sobrang gustong gusto ko na pumunta dito...

Thanks - pacute lang ung arm band ko... haha!

anney said...

Nakita ko ang deal na ito. Meron din sa ibang groupon sites 999 din.Pinapag isipan nga namin kung kuha ba kami o next time na lang. Baka mamaya wala ng next time ano?hehehe! Ganda! Gusto ko din ng jump shot dyan. hihihi! Parang natakot namn ako nung sinabi nung tour guide nyo na gumuguho din dyan. lol! Ilang oras ang trekking bago marating ang crater?

Mitch said...

Beautiful pictures parang hindi siya destructive noh... Good deal!

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

looks like a lot of fun indeed. :) gusto ko rin mag trekking soon. hehe

melvin said...

ang ironic naman na something so destructive possesses that beuty.ang ganda ng mga kuha mo.

Untied Escape said...

@ Anney - Meron pa yan, intay intay lang atsaka ok yung trekpos mag organize. estimate 2 hours ung trekking kasi long route yung dinaanan.
@ Mitch - Thanks and I agree!
@ Orange Pulps - Thanks for visiting!
@ Melvin - Yeah, Thanks for visiting too! I want to try your cambodia trip as well.

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