Serenitea: Not your ordinary cup of tea

For those who are working in BGC, particularly near the Burgos circle, I’m pretty sure you’ve tried and been to Serenitea. It’s quite popular already for those tea lover peeps and they also have several branches in Manila so I believe you know what I’m talking about.

So what can I say for those who haven’t taste it?, I’m hooked! I’m always a tea drinker and I love the mix of milk into it. The craze spread at the office and so until we use the term ‘Heaven tayo’ meaning mag Se-serenitea na kami. That’s how we are so addicted.

You may need extra patience in waiting because of the queue (most of the time). Any way, they will surely give you a disc after ordering that will buzz and light up when your tea is ready.

They offer variety of mixes, (listed here are my favourites: Okinawa, Hokkaido, Black Dragon, Strawberry Toffee) and sinkers (still my favourites: pearl, panacotta, egg pudding and crystals)

Customize your tea by, STEP 1: Tea Selection, STEP 2: Sugar level (from mild to full sugar level), and STEP 3: The Sinkers. The price is very reasonable, and hindi nakakasawa. Few walk lang naman sa office so go lang kami.

Daldalan and picture mode lang while waiting. Thanks Katie for the pics! Btw, don't forget to visit Katie's Tumblr here -> Keightie's World

For those satisfied customer, you can get your Loyalty Card for a free drink!

Try it and give me your thoughts pls :p

One Happy Customer here! More about Serenitea.


chino said...

Hi Gladys, I heard of this somewhere pero di pa ko nakapunta ... matry nga din yan , one of these days.

Untied Escape said...

Hi Chino, thanks for dropping by, Yah try it. it's good!

anney said...

Galing namn nung idea sa disc na iilaw at mag ba buzz kaya pwedeng mag antay while tsumitsika tsika.

Anonymous said...


may i invite you to try and dine in our place? :)
map and address are on the website :)
Hope to see you there :)

Thanks! :)

whispersofmylife said...

nice :) i know how happy you feel :)

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