My (Hedgehogs) Amber and Flaky

Meet Amber and Flaky. My Adorable Hedgies!

I didn’t think that I’ll be taking care of exotic pets until I had one. I super fall in love with them especially Amber. Super adorable! After having Amber, we bought Flaky naman to be her partner(named by his previous owner). Medyo malaki na c Flaky nung napunta sa akin so hindi siya ganun ka sociable. Pahirapan kunin sa box and he’s a bit scared of people.

Amber’s characteristics: diet - Cat food and few fruits (choosy na siya ngaun eh kahit matakaw), Like din nya ang pizza crust, loves to play and socialize, technique para lumabas sa hide nya, paamuyin ng catfood. :p

Flaky’s characteristics: favorite treat - Meal worm, safe mode - stuck nya un head nya sa tissue roll, prepare yourself to get hurt pag ginulat mo cya.

Very low maintenance pet for me, it’s not hard to clean their boxes and doesn't smells bad at all.

For those who don’t know what is Hedgehog, here are some facts:

1. African pygmy hedgehogs originate from Africa.
2. Domesticated African pygmy hedgehogs do not hibernate and should not be allowed to hibernate
3. They are descendants of a hybrid of the Four-Toed Hedgehog and Algerian Hedgehog
4. Latin name Atelerix albiventris or African White-Bellied Hedgehog
5. They are a small ball of spiky quills which uncurl to reveal twinkly eyes, gorgeous dark little nose and a soft furry belly
6. They are mainly nocturnal animals
7. They are mainly insectivores eating worms, beetles, centipedes, and moths but are also omnivorous eating plants and animals (cat food is their primary food here in the philippines since you can’t really find Hedgehog food here)
8. They live between 1-3 years in the wild
9. In captivity they can live 4-7 years and in rare circumstances up to 10 year
10. Their first quilling occurs at about 8 weeks of age approximately but can happen a little earlier or a little later but should be done by 6 months
11. Their quills have been used as needles in Roman times
12. They have been bred as pets since early nineties
13. They have a highly developed sense of smell and poor vision
14. Weight wise fully grown ideally they should be 1lb 5oz -2lbs
15. Lengthwise fully grown hegehogs are between 6- 8 inches long
16. There are now 92 different categories of colours for APH
17. Super Sonic character in a video game is a hedgehog

~ Just a thought of sharing that aside from my dog, I have my two babies din at home. :p

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Chyng said...

i always see them in petshops. andami nila! and i swear I thought of the name AMBER too kung magkakapet ako ^_^ apir!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Awesome! Didn't even know they're domesticated. They're sooo cute!

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

ayyy! ang cute naman. May trivia talaga ha. Kuya kim ikaw ba yan? lol! I never thought pwede sila gawing pet. Kasi ang alam ko talaga nananakit sila pag may mga lumalapit na ka-uri. hahahah! Joke lang Glad. hihihi! Peace. Gusto ko rin niyan. Penge?

Untied Escape said...

@ Chyng - Amber na nga tawag ng iba kong officemate sa akin, nice noh... Haha! apir!

Untied Escape said...

@ Ms. Gay, Thank you so much! Yes and I'm so in love with them. :)
It's a great pleasure seeing your comment here. Thanks 4 dropping by. :p

Untied Escape said...

@ Maricar - Ahaha! Feeling nga nila nanay nila ako, lol! Mejo dapat di lang matatakutin at magugulatin kasi matatakot din cla... wish ko nga magka baby na si Amber eh... pag madami sau isa... :p haha!

anney said...

Ang supercute namn ni Amber at Flaky!! Parang gusto ko din mag pet ng hedgehog! hehehe! By the way, I'm a new follower. See u around!

Untied Escape said...

@ Anney, Thank you so much :) I love your Bento series, super cute! See you around! :)

Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...
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Ang Babaeng Lakwatsera said...

My Hedgehog ka din.. sister ko meron din nyan.. pro takot ako hawakan.. =)

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