First time in Chinatown

I put a list of places I wanted to go to that's not too far and somewhere I can achieve within a day. Then I found myself in Binondo. It's been a long time I visited that place and I almost can't remember. I planned to go alone for some adventure but lucky for me that my QA buddy joined me and was now become my qa/trip buddy. Thanks Jie!

Some classic view in Binondo. I only have my phone with me as it was raining. Good thing kahit papano di naman tuloy tuloy ung ulan so keri lang. Well tuloy parin ang gala.

Shot taken on our way munching our eyes with the views and vendors outside, we ended up buying a Dragon Fruit out of curiosity of how it tastes. For me it’s just ok. I’m not a fan of its texture and taste.

It would be a waste if we will not be able to find Eng Bee Tin to get pasalubong before we left. Super dami ng tao and siksikan talaga so please bear for not getting a good shot.

And finally in Wai Ying Fast Food - popular in Chinatown for the best food. Queuing din ang table. Food - Wanton Mami, Sweet and Sour pork, Beef Chong Fan, Almond Jelly and Lemonade.

I explore though I’m not good in directions. It’s already an achievement for me riding LRT going to Carriedo by myself to meet Arjie. We also visited three churches during the day, Quiapo, Sta. Cruz and Binondo Church. Sarap ng feeling! We are both confident na hindi kami magkakasakit kasi we know God appreciates our effort. Next stop ===> Dyan lang din sa tabi tabi… Till my next post.


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