BSC-CS 07 Get Together

From Northpark to Music 21 to Starbucks until 5 in the morning. Super nakaka-miss ang college life. There’a lot to talk about, parang hindi kami tumatanda, same kulitan, same asaran but just getting mature enough to face life. I’m so blessed to have them, iba rin talaga siguro pag blocked section nung college. Thanks to facebook for keeping us in touch… :p!

Along Makati Area, after dinner, buti umabot pa ako, it's super challenge for me going to the location alone, sorry for being so numb in directions. Thanks to my "uber" supported friend Roseann and Kaye for helping me out. I arrived safe and alive!

Spoiler lang un Music 21 kasi hinde maganda un microphone sa music room. We reported it but 10 years ang response, nagkataon lang na we are just to occupied with tsismisan at okrayan and so we didn't care. Mali pa ung na charge sa amin but of course we have it discussed and settled c/o Meann
Photocredit kay pareng Eugene, our official photographer

After the night some of us decided to go for a coffee, some already left, so for the night shifts and sa mga sanay sa puyatan. We ended up at Starbucks at dun kami nag ingay. :p
Photo credit naman kay Rigor for this photo

It’s not the school, the place, the events, not even the chance or being lucky but the people you have that makes your college days so perfect.


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