Thailand: The Temples and the Reclining Buddha

Monks in prayer in Wat Pho
During out Bangkok trip, we visited Wat Pho or the Temple of Reclining Buddha. It was said that it is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok. It was also said that it is now more well-known as a centre for traditional massage and medicine. You’ll see more than thousands of Buddha images here but the highlight is the largest which is the Reclining Buddha (Phra Buddhasaiyas). It is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It is plated in gold and you’ll notice that the bottom of the feet is intricate with details. We roam around amazed on what where were seeing. We ended the trip tired and yet fascinated. 

To pay respect, visitors should maintain quiet, wear appropriate clothing and avoid taking pictures with flash. 
Look at the complex details
Every corner catches our attention
Shoes are removed before entering a temple for respect for Buddha.
The head of the Reclining Buddha
You'll find many of these
And also these 
More buddhas here
They said that Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world
Buddhism focus on meditation and mindfulness, It is often considered to be a form of psychology.
Such a huge creation
Just wonderful
Blessed in Wat Pho

Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Chetuphon Road
Bangkok, Thailand


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