Cambodia: The Famous Temples and the Angkor Wat

It was a dream come true!
As I started planning going on a SEA trip, I’ve always wanted to visit Cambodia. Of course, it was the famous Angkor Wat is what I really wanted to visit the most. The place captivates me because of its richness in culture, art, story and history. Angkor Wat is just part of the ancient Angkorian capital cities of the Khmer Empire which was built around 9th-13th century AD. The photos below were randomly taken at different parts of Khmer temples. One day is actually not enough to explore it.

Magnificent view
You should get a Tuk-Tuk ride going there
The crowds are getting bigger
It was so huge that we really cannot maximize our time exploring the temples. It was certainly the largest religious monument in the world. It was surreal. Even though there are hundreds of tourist flocked waiting for sunrise, I can’t help myself to get too emotional. At last I am here. Though it was not very apparent to each faces of the people gathered around the temple, I know that we all shiver upon seeing the magnificent creation when the sun was slowly rising. It just shows how exceptional the civilization hundreds of years ago. The architectural, archaeological, religious and symbolic values of each carvings images and the temples itself were really remarkable. 

Could be a long walk but nobody seems to mind
From the top is another view
Random shots of the temples everywhere
It was located in the Northern province of Siem Reap . From the 9th to 15th century, it was once the Khmer Empire. It was listed and being protected by UNESCO as it was one of the most important archeological sites in South-East Asia. It was also into restoration as you’ll see at some parts of the area.

Can't remember but this is from the other side

Tourists were everywhere. Aside from this, you’ll be able to see the other side of Cambodia which others may not be able to see. Diving deeply on Khmers history, most of the ancestors of the locals here had shed blood and suffered from poverty and political instability.

This is where we spent the sunset
And when the nature becomes part of it
Distinct carvings that will make you think twice how they did it
It could be made by someone from another world
Large stone carvings
Too huge to imagine
Taken somewhere on the side 
Today, you’ll see the optimism to the people even in the deprived and remote areas in the province. It was evident that they once struggled and now positively climbing their way up improving their economy. Though at some areas, poverty, inefficiency and corruption are still apparent.

Cambodian students showing off their culture by their presentation
Just on the other side of the temples, the vendors selling scarfs, silks, souvenirs and t-shirts really clustered at you and almost begging to buy even at least an item to them bargaining to the lowest price you could imagine just to compete with other sellers. Initially they will give you high price, when you haggle, they will give you a very way below the market rate maybe just for them to liquidate their items.

Just some of souvenirs from Cambodia
We purchase items that are just enough within our budget for souvenirs. We left leaving a mark on our faces that just like in the Philippines, embracing the history we have, we both struggle to have a better economy.

The best sunrise of my life
Grateful, overwhelmed, mesmerized

To know more about the Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and other Temples. You can refer to this link. To support tourism of Cambodia's you can also check this

It's indeed a place of peace, power and stories. 
A strange city that was lost in the jungle. 


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