Our Full-Packed Ilocandia Tour

Agyamanak Ilocos! (Thank you) I’ve been to Ilocos once and we stayed in Pagudpud during the visit. We only had our North bound tour last time and exploring Vigan is one of my wish list. After the trip, I admit, Ilocos is really one of my favourite.

Till next time Ilocandia!
I do appreciate the richness of the province and its simplicity, or maybe the history behind it. Years back, all I know about Ilocos was about the Ilocanos being “kuripot” (thrifty) but I haven’t proved it yet except from our neighbour who is an Ilocana that would like to keep all the old stuffs because she doesn’t want to waste anything and it would take ages for his son to ask for money. Maybe it’s only her. :D

So when I was invited by my former officemate, my closest friend that is now working in Singapore, I did think twice (papilit pa) but was really glad to come back. It was a planned trip that Carlo and Roseann organized for his borgs and others. So before I start showcasing Northern and Southern Ilocos on this post, I will grab this opportunity to thank Carlo for sponsoring big portion of the trip. And also, I would like to say sorry again because of the “I cannot count anymore” times we had fights. I know you still hate me until now but I am still not giving up on you. Be happy out there Muymoy! 

From left to right - Yours Truly, Jenjie, Carlo-manager, Kiko, Alfie, Nohj, Julie and Rose. 

Night trip is the best trip for an 8-hour ride going to Ilocos if you opted to travel by land. After the long drive, we finally reached Vigan and had our breakfast in Grandpa’s Inn. Eating here is a great start because of the same historic ambiance and vintage touch. We immediately proceed to our Vigan Tour after breakfast.  

Grandpa's Inn
Quick picture taking before the full packed tour.
Ilocos longganisa is a must try delicacy.

Before anything else, I’ll show you where we stayed during the trip. The Java hotel in Laoag. It is in Balinese Moroccan style with a bit of Spanish look. I love the structure and it’s highly recommendable for those who wanted a first class service in the region. 

We had to finish our Vigan tour first before we went here  to relax. The place is very clean and spacious. It’s a very relaxing place to stay after a tiring tour.

Clean and spacious room for us.
And more of the hotel facilities.

We had a quick dip in the pool, had our dinner and ended the day. The boys had their drinking sessions on the other room. All I can say is it feels so good to see old friends again around. Hope you’re all doing well today.

Here’s our Ilocandia tour itinerary, we skipped some spots due to time constraints and added Kapurpurawan Rocks on our list:

Day 1
7:00AM - ETA in Vigan City
   Breakfast at Granpa's Inn
8:00AM - Call time for Vigan Tour
   Baluarte ni Gov. Singson 
   Pottery Making 
   Syquia Mansion 
   Calle Crisologo “Vigan Heritage Village” 
11:00 - Left Vigan City
12:00 - ETA Batac City 
   Marcos Museum
   Paoay Church
   Malacanag of the North
4:00PM - Check in at Java Hotel, Laoag City

Day 2 
8:00PM - Call time for Northern Tour – Pagudpud Tour 
   Kapurpurawan Rocks
   Burgos Lighthouse 
   Bangui Windmill
12:00-1:00 - Lunch at Pagudpud
   Patapat Viaduct 
   Paraiso ni Anton
  Kabigan Falls
  Blue Lagoon
5:00PM - Left Pagudpud
7:00PM ETA - Back to Java Hotel

Day 3 
7:00-8:00 AM - Checked out
   La Paz Sand Dunes
   Proceed to Vigan 
   Ilocos Bawang and Suka at Pinili on the way
11:00AM - ETA at Vigan City
   Last minute pasalubong hunt in Calle Crisologo
1:00PM - Lunch 
3:00PM - Left Vigan City
12:00PM - ETA in Manila

I’ll end my post for now because I am being eaten by my laziness. On my next post is our Vigan Tour. Sorry for my “bitin” post. Full-packed Vigan Tour is coming!

The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another 
must wait till that other is ready. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Credit to the map used above. 


Manong Unyol said...

ang ganda ng Ilocos :)

Untied Escape said...

Indeed, miss ko na nga eh...

Mitch said...

Happy for you girl! Yehey...

Baka nga maunahan mo pa ko matapos ipost tong series nato.. dami na backlogs! Maganda daw jan sa Java Hotel, near sa gasoline station diba. Ganda sa labas niyan eh not to mention, Ilocos is really beautiful place with.. Tourists must be lucky when they visit such place diba, worth the miles!

blissfulguro said...

bitin gladys! ;p

Micamyx|Senyorita said...

Miss ko na ang Ilocos. Gusto ko balikan ang Vigan

Pinoy Adventurista said...

iba talaga ang charm ng ilocos... :)

Untied Escape said...

@Mitch - haha! ako din dami ko pa, haha! Yup sa may gasoline station, gandang ganda nga ako sa mga pics nyo nun kaya gusto ko din makapag vigan.
@ Carla - hehe! ayan sinundan ko na..
@ Mica - Waaahh super lalo na ang Vigan
@ Marvs - Indeed!

Pie said...

waaaaahhhh si carlo umuwi???? pasabe sa kanya andaya nia- antagal na ng libre nia saken di pa nadating !!!!!

Untied Escape said...

hehe, uwi ata siya ulit here for sure... :) singilin mo na Ms. Pie... :p

Pie Jamarie said...

et kausap ko sia sa celfone :) sinisingil ko!!!

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