Mt. Romelo - Exploring Buruwisan Falls

It was our 8th year anniversary, and we chose to celebrate it in an extreme way. So we decided to pursue our first hike in Mt. Romelo knowing that it’s classified as a minor climb and it doesn’t really require you to be an experienced mountaineer to be able to visit the place. (but don’t be deceived)

Then we headed to Siniloan for a hike.

Buruwisan Falls is one of the popular waterfalls in the South. Located in Siniloan Laguna, we begin our adventure (a bit late) and followed the direction stated after doing some research.
Since my province is in Infanta Quezon, we realized there’s a better way to go there from the South.

- By riding a bus going to Sta Cruz, Laguna (from Alabang) or a van going to Pagsanjan, Laguna.
- If you opted to ride a bus from Sta. Cruz you need to ride a jeep going to Pagsanjan and wait for AH bus going to Infanta.
- Inform the conductor to drop you @ K3 Restaurant (Trois Restaurant) and there you can see the way going to the trail.

Just ask locals and off the highway you can see the port directing you on the way to the Buruwisan and other falls ahead.

Pagkakita namin sa Trois restaurant, napa buntong hininga nalang kami kasi pumasok pa kami sa town ng Siniloan and nag trike going there, realizing na same old view na ung Trois Restaurant sa amin everytime we visit our province. Medyo tumagal tuloy yung byahe.

We thought everything will be fine until we are advised to be ready as it’s raining for the past few days and kailangan na daw naming maghanda sa putik. Be ready for 50pesos registration fee, guide fee and horse fee in case you want to ride horse going there. We saw a kid asking us where are we going and if we want a guide going to Buruwisan. Syempre pumayag na kami kesa hapunin sa daan. It’s almost 12nn when we started the trail.

Here’s the catch, maputik and madulas yung trail that time. There are concrete posts but no more rope on it. Sobrang challenge on us dahil pinahirap ng putik ang simpleng trail lang dapat on summer. First time to see and madikit sa Limatik. Kainis, feeling ko papasok siya sa katawan ko and will get infected. Kaloka talaga.

Wag matakot, Limatik lang yan na 10 years bago tumigil yung pag dudugo, sabi nila dapat di inalis at hinayaan nakadikit para mabusog. Musta naman. :p

Instant pet ni hal. Haha!

Meet two kulits named Roel and Ikong. (Si Ikong yung nag approach sa amin at sinama lang nya c Roel)

Ang hanggang binting putik ng Mt. Romelo

Finally at Buruwisan Falls. Di na kami nakapag picture while on trail sa sobrang dumi ng kamay namin so as soon as we reach the falls, wash wash mode muna then finally had the first shot of the falls. Sulit naman ang pagod at effort going here.

Ang namatay na kuko - Aray!

The place is majestic, initial reaction ko, sulit naman pla. I am just a bit disappointed because hindi na ganun ka linis yung place. Sobrang lamig ng tubig. Sarado yung mga tindahan that day and we only saw one camper on the place. Buti nalang we have a lot of snacks to share with the two kids.

On our way home it’s much tougher and slippery as it was drizzling. Buti pa yung dalawang kids, they are tired but parang naglalaro lang. I was on half of the trail and it’s getting dark already. I opted to ride a horse na after reaching the half of the trail going back dahil sobrang pagod na talaga ako. So the kids and hal continue. It was already pass 6pm when they reached the starting point. And that ends our adventure.

Special credit to the kids who are very helpful and fun to be with. We got to meet Roel's parents as well and they are very accommodating and even invited us to stay for a while and have coffee while waiting for the tricycle going home. We went to Famy and wait to Raymond Bus going Cubao. There's no more South route as it's quite late.

A must see place for an adventurer and a nature lover. First time to get attached to mud too much. :D


anney said...

O my gali! At talagang hanggang binti ang putik! Natawa naman ako sa itsura ng mga paa nyo. hehehe! Buti na lang falls ang pupuntahan nyo at mahuhugasan. Takot naman ako masipsipan ng dugo ng limatik! Ganda namn ng falls! Kaya siguro di na sya ganun kalinis dati dahil din sa mga nagpupunta dyan na nagkakalat. Sayang naman.

Mitch said...

Limatik? linta ba yun. hehe.ay di pala pde. maubos dugo mo. At Hal? you mean mahal?. It was such great adventure siguro for both of you. Congrats, you both are gone so far.. Luckily, you met such good boys along the way! Kahit maputik, enjoyin nalang! Anung tawag sa pet ni Hal mo? quite creepy. hehe. Ganda ng falls...

Untied Escape said...

@ Anney - Oo kinakalat lang ung basura, grabe nga sobrang challenge sa akin yang putik na yan... haha! Sulit palinis ng kuko.. haha!

@ Mitch - Yup parang linta siya, creepy tlga kasi ang weird mag crawl nun. Yap 'mahal'(shy ;p) thanks thanks Mitch, buti nalang enjoy din kasama yun 2 kids.

Batang Lakwatsero said...

oh my goodness.. ang saya ng mga paa nyo.. namimiss din yan ng mga paa ko..

parang gusto ko mag trek sa Mt.Romelo.. anga ganda at malapit lang pala :)

whispersofmylife said...

andame mo na napuntahan Gladys :) traveller talaga and up to the slogan #morefuninthe philippines.. do u have a twitter account :)? message me sa blog ko ur twitter!!!! happy for u

blissfulguro said...

oh kayo na ang 8 years... parang ang yabang ko pa pag may nagtatanong kung ilang years na kami ni jowa, 6 years tas kayo 8 years!!! hehe...

deja vu ang putik legs nyo sa palaui namin :)

miss you gurl

Untied Escape said...

@ Lakwatsero - punta kayo, for sure sulit sa ganda ng Buruwisan.

@ Ms Pie - Thanks! Looking forward pa ako for more travels! Wala akong twitter eh, update kita pag naisipan ko mag twit. hehe!

@ Carla - Ayoko na nga magbilang antagal na namin ni jowa... hahaha!

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